Boola Boola is the third episode of the 1973 animated series of The Addams Family.


The Addams Family read a report of a rare Boola Boola sighting in the Everglades. Wednesday thinks it's adorable so they head for a pet shop in Miami to get one. Gomez pays the shop owner to capture the Boola Boola, but then decides to look for it himself. Its last reported sighting was at Black Lake, but by con men who catch animals for the pet shop. They kidnap Ocho the Octopus and disguise it as the Boola Boola. Then, when the Boola Boola makes friends with the Family, they kidnap it too. They return them for a double reward, but drop the money and run when frightened by Kitty Kat and Ali the alligator.


Background Information

The comic book The Addams Family Issue 1 (published in October of 1974 by Gold Key Comics) was adapted from this episode.

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