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"As a siren, class valedictorian and reigning champion of the Poe Cup, I have truly become the most enchanting version of myself at Nevermore."
-Bianca Barclay

Bianca Barclay (born Brandy Jane)[1] is a siren student at Nevermore Academy, the daughter of Gabrielle, Xavier Thorpe's ex-girlfriend, and a main character of the Netflix series Wednesday. Bianca is one of Nevermore Academy's most popular students who descends from a long line of sirens with a mesmerizing power to persuade.

She is initially Wednesday's rival during her tenure at Nevermore; however, they eventually manage to leave their rivalry behind and work together to resolve the crimes in their school. Bianca plays a significant role in the final confrontation against Joseph Crackstone by helping Wednesday defeat Crackstone.

She appears in the Netflix show Wednesday.


Brandy Jane grew up with her mother, who was a part of a cult called "Morning Song" under the leadership of Gideon. Morning Song claimed to be a self-help app but only wanted to scam money from people. However, as Brandy wanted something for herself, she left the cult and made her way to Nevermore.

in "Chapter I: Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe", Bianca is first seen sitting near the fountain in the middle of the quad, talking to Divina and Kent. She is swirling her hand in water, causing it to turn from flesh to scales, then back to flesh. Enid describes Bianca as the closest thing that Nevermore has to royalty, whose crown has been slipping lately. She and Xavier used to date before breaking up at the beginning of the semester.

In fencing class, Bianca was seen fencing with Rowan when she beat him. In response to Rowan's complaining, she told him that if he spent time training, he wouldn't suck. She then asks Coach Vlad when she is going to get real competition. Wednesday chimes in, taking Bianca up on her invitation, to which she says, "You must be the psychopath they let in." While sparing, Wednesday wins the first point, with Bianca winning the second. Bianca says to Wednesday that the first point Wednesday scored was beginner luck. Wednesday invokes a military challenge that requires both of them to spar without masks or tips on their sabers for the last point. Bianca wins the challenge, cutting Wednesday's forehead.

While Wednesday was in the infirmary, she told Xavier that she felt rage, pity, and self-disgust. Xavier tells her that "losing to Bianca has that effect on people".

It is during "Chapter V: You Reap What You Woe", that it is revealed that she 'sirened' her way into Nevermore, where she changed her name to Bianca Barclay.


Bianca is a relatively tall, dark-skinned woman with greenish-blue eyes. She frequently wears greenish-blue earrings, which are rather similar to her eye color. She has dark hair and a buzzed head.


Bianca is extremely competitive and jealous of anyone as good as her. She is willing to do whatever it takes to bring down all her potential opponents, showing that she is also ruthless and machiavellian if she is pushed to her limits.

The arrival of Wednesday to Nevermore has made her feel desperate to stay at the top of the school, due to having for the first time someone who can match her in anything, like fencing or botany, and immediately seeing her as a rival and a threat to her position at the top of the social ladder she tried so hard to reach for too long. Bianca never misses an opportunity to compete with her and has been trying to beat Wednesday since her first day at Nevermore. Although she justifies it by saying that Wednesday "thinks that she is better than everyone else," in reality, it is only an act out of her insecurity and fear of being bested. Her rivalry with Wednesday includes provoking or insulting her, which often backfires on herself instead.

Later in the series, Bianca opens up to Wednesday and confesses that she is jealous of her because, unlike herself, Wednesday doesn't care what people think about her, and it angers her that no one can see her true self and other people can't trust her because she is a siren. This proves that underneath her confident and prideful attitude, she is actually very insecure about herself and her identity.

Bianca is also a natural leader, leading her own team of the Poe Cup and the Nightshade Society.

Despite her jealous nature, Bianca is not without compassion. For example, after her team loses the Poe Cup, she is later seen worrying about Kent, who was injured. She has also demonstrated that she is brave and capable of standing up to protect those she cares about, returning inside of Nevermore and attacking Crackstone in order to save Wednesday's life and the school.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


  • Siren Song: As a siren, Bianca has the ability to use her voice to manipulate the feelings, thoughts, and actions of others. Whenever this ability is used, it appears as magenta sound waves.
  • Limited Transformation: As a siren, Bianca has the ability to change her legs into a long blue mermaid tail whenever she submerges herself in water. While in this form, her hands become webbed, and she grows razor-sharp claws. While she has not been seen in this form, Bianca has been seen growing scales on her hand while she was running her fingers through the fountain in the quad.
  • Aquatic Breathing: As a siren, Bianca can breathe in both water and air and is capable of staying underwater as long as she likes.


  • Swordsmanship: Bianca has demonstrated an extreme proficiency for sword fighting, going toe-to-toe with Wednesday Addams and winning.
  • Leadership: Bianca has proven herself to be a natural leader of her peers. She is seemingly taking a leadership role among the other sirens as well as the Nightshade Society.
  • Fencing: Bianca Barclay is an excellent fencer, as seen. She appears to have a challenge with Wednesday Addams single-handedly after watching Rowan Laslow lose to Bianca. Bianca would complain about the lack of "real competition."
  • Skilled Tactician: Bianca is excellent at creating plans. The day before the Poe Cup, she sabotaged Enid's team by putting a piece of garlic in Yoko's dinner, which led her to suffer an allergic reaction. Also in the same race, she made a meticulous plan by using Kent to sink the boats of the rest of the teams. It is also revealed that she used her siren song to escape Morning Song, change her identity, and get accepted into Nevermore Academy.


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Gabrielle and Bianca Barclay (2022) 001

Gabrielle is the mother of Bianca. As a teenager, Bianca left her family home to enroll and study on campus at Nevermore Academy, against her mother's wishes. Gabrielle instead wanted Bianca to stay at home and continue to contribute her siren song to the scam app, Morning Song. Though she had never attended a parent's weekend before, she finally appeared at one in episode 5.

Bianca and her mother went on to sit alone at a table in Weathervane, where Gabrielle told Bianca several things, including that "a siren can never change her scales," implying that there would always be people who would look down on Bianca because of her species no matter how hard she tried, and also adding that people would realize her "true nature." This disapproving speech, however, failed to turn Bianca from her motives.

Gabrielle does love her daughter, or at least it seems so. Her plans just don't fit Bianca's, and she is disappointed and disapproving that her daughter is so brazenly disobeying her, thus her attempts to gently coax her into leaving Nevermore. As the mother of a teenage daughter, Gabrielle wants to be in charge of her daughter's life, believing she knows exactly what is best for her.


Bianca's stepfather is Gideon. On parent's weekend, Bianca's mother mentioned that he wants Bianca to come back and be a part of his cult "Morning Song" again, but Bianca says she doesn't want to come back. She also seems like she doesn't like Gideon very much.

Xavier Thorpe[]

Xavier Thorpe and Bianca Barclay (2022) 001

They had gotten together prior to the start of the series. By the time Wednesday joined Nevermore, they had broken up due to him not knowing whether she was using her siren's song on him. She still has feelings for him, as evidenced by her asking him to the dance.

Lucas Walker[]

They interacted after he was punished for the prank at the dance. He flirted with her, especially after she warned him away from Morning Song.

Wednesday Addams[]

""Why are you fixated on Wednesday?"
"Because she thinks she's better than everyone else!"
-Bianca about her feud with Wednesday

Bianca and Wednesday had a rivalry at the beginning. The first time they see each other, in fencing lessons, Bianca immediately starts to provoke her as a way to put Wednesday in her place and to let her know she is the best. After defeating her, Bianca laughs at Wednesday and insults her to her face. In episode two, their rivalry gets stronger as they compete in botanic lessons, with Bianca going as far as sabotaging her roommate Enid Sinclair by putting garlic in Yoko's food to make sure she wins the Poe Cup. However, Wednesday is one step ahead and ruins her plan, defeating and humiliating Bianca and her team. In episode four, Bianca is frustrated and very jealous after Xavier focuses his attention on Wednesday's dress. He demands she siren him in order to forget Wednesday; this upsets Bianca, who leaves the place. Outside, she and Wednesday share an honest conversation, with Bianca confessing that she is jealous of her because Wednesday doesn't care what other people think about her.

Later in the show, Bianca is no longer hostile to Wednesday, and she even helps her with the investigation about the crimes, especially with the death of Mayor Noble Walker, demonstrating that they are now on neutral terms. After Wednesday finds out Tyler Galpin is the creature that has been committing all those murders, she asks Bianca to go with her to make sure he doesn't escape. Despite the help she gets, she becomes concerned when her interrogation becomes extremely cruel, so she runs to Principal Weems to ask her to call the sheriff due to her being afraid that Wednesday might kill Tyler with her methods of interrogation. However, Bianca later apologizes to Wednesday because she never wanted to get her expelled, demonstrating that at this point Bianca no longer sees her as a threat and instead she considers her at least as an ally and partner to defend Nevermore. The same night, Bianca is informed by Ajax and Enid about the current situation, which includes the truth about Thornhill and her plan, so Bianca evacuates all students and teachers using her siren voice, eventually returns to help Wednesday, and stabs Joseph Crackstone in the back. After Wednesday defeated Crackstone, both shared a look of approval and respect.

At the end of the final episode, she and Wednesday talk one last time before leaving for vacations, and Wednesday thanks her for saving her life. By this point, their relationship had developed to the point where they could have normal conversations without being hostile toward each other.


"Your face finally got that splash of color it so desperately needed."
-Bianca to Wednesday after defeating her in fencing. [2]

"I make one mistake, and you can't forgive me. She treats you like crap, and you can't get enough."
-Bianca to Xavier [3]

"We talk about not making waves? She's a tsunami."
-Bianca about Wednesday [4]

"As my dear mother always says, "Fire tests gold, suffering tests a woman.""
-Bianca to Wednesday [5]


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Wednesday Series

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New Name

  • Bianca means white or pure.
  • Barclay means birch tree meadow.

Birth Name

  • Brandy means burnt wine.
  • Jane means God is gracious.


  • In the original script, Bianca is 16 years old.[6]
  • Bianca very likely didn't abuse her singing voice to have Xavier fall in love with her. The proof is that she detests her own mother abusing siren songs for a scam and Bianca respecting Xavier's wishes, even though she still loves him.

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