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Behind the Fame: The Munsters/Addams Family was a 2002 television special on TLC. It was later released on video as Inside Television's Greatest: Addams Family & The Munsters.


"The stars, the writers, the producers and those who almost made it big... Inside Television's Greatest reveals the answers to all the questions you've been dying to ask, and tells the secrets you wouldn't imagine to be true. Explore the creative process that brings an idea, and the characters of a new world, to life. Crawl inside the actors' heads and experience life in television from both sides of the camera. Understand the complex decisions and strange chain of events that bring the relative nameless to unequaled fame...and how one word can force them into obscurity. With Inside Television's Greatest, you'll never get closer to the shows that have brought so much joy, sadness and laughter into our lives. Amazingly, many people consider the Addams Family and The Munsters to be the same show. While one was created for a broad audience with scripts made for cheap laughs that come by the truckload, the other was designed as a dark, satirical look at the typical monster movie. Both became instant classics. With success attributed to teamwork and a genuine affection for each within the "families", The Addams Family and The Munsters are destined to remain timeless in their appeal, for generations to come. Find the answers to these fascinating questions and many more in Inside Television's Greatest:

  • What character was replaced on The Munsters that no one seemed to notice was different?
  • Who was hiding under all the fur of Cousin It?
  • How was the studio's Accounting Department responsible for creating the two shows?
  • On what popular TV show were The Munster's duo of Grandpa and Herman originally partnered?"[1]

Cast and Characters[]

  • Jim Romanovich as Narrator
  • Robert J. Thompson as Self

Other Characters[]


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Directed by[]

  • Robert Corsini
  • Geoffrey Mark Fidelman

Music by[]

  • John Ross

Post Production Coordinator[]

  • Antoinette Conant

Produced by[]

  • Geoffrey Mark Fidelman - Co-producer
  • Jim Romanovich - Executive producer
  • Sarah L. Sterling - Associate producer

Writing Credits[]

  • Geoffrey Mark Fidelman


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