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Becky martin-granger

Becky Martin-Granger ran Camp Chippewa with her husband Gary Granger.

She rehearsed the Chippewa girls to perform the first number in the Thanksgiving play, Eat Me. She is very perky and overzealous as her husband and they tried to equal the personalities of Wednesday, Pugsley and Joel Glicker just as theirs. She sang "Kumbaya" with Gary and the Chippewas to try to turn the Addams children and Joel to perky, cheerful and happy people, but none of their punishments and attempts to realize this worked. Becky is last seen tied to a spit with an apple stuffed in her mouth, being roasted over a bonfire by the rebelling campers.


The feature film:


  • Becky Martin-Granger was played by Christine Baranski. She is the tertiary antagonist in the film, along with her husband.