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Bear is The Addams Family's enormous stuffed bear.

He stands to the left of the stairs in the Living Room of The Addams Family Mansion. When Cousin Nanook gave the Addamses a Totem Pole for Xmas, he asked for the Bear in return. The Bear eventually returned to his normal position without explanation, and the Totem Pole moved to the right of the stairs.[1] He later inexplicably changes to a polar bear (yet remains brown in the title sequence).[2] The brown version reappears (in recycled footage).[3]

When Gomez accidentally stabbed him with a saber, he called him Bruno.[4]

Uncle Fester washed him with kerosene instead of Easy Clean, then accidentally burned him to ashes. After this, Morticia said "Dear old Smokey, up in smoke." Arthur J. Henson, manager of their insurance company, eventually found them a replacement in Alaska, the brown bear from Season One, though Fester sets that afire too.[5]


Though he appears in most episodes as mere decoration, he is given more screen time in:

The Addams Family original series episodes:

The New Addams Family episodes: