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Barbie Bazaar is an American magazine about Mattel's Barbie doll. It was released in October 2000. It cost $4.95 in the United States and $6.45 in Canada.


A small green banner is at the top of the magazine that reads in white text, "October 2000 | The OFFICIAL Barbie Doll Collectors Magazine | $4.95." Underneath the green banner is an orange background with yellow, green, black, and white text. Starting at the top, the title is in yellow text and reads "Barbie Bazaar," with Morticia's head blocking the "za" in Bazaar. Morticia is on the right side of the magazine, and her face is facing the viewer as she stands straight up, sideways, with her arms crossed. Gomez is standing to the left of Morticia and has his face facing the viewers. Gomez is standing as if he were going to do the splits. Gomez's right leg is behind Morticia, and his left leg is reaching towards the bottom left corner of the magazine. Gomez is holding a bouquet of rose stems in his right hand while his left hand is holding scissors. On the left, near Gomez's head, underneath the word Barbie, is yellow text that reads "Solo No More," with black text beneath it that reads "40th Anniversary of "Solo in the Spotlight"." Next to the rose stems Gomez is holding is green text that reads, "Give Ken A "Real" Beard." Underneath the previously mentioned green text is yellow text beneath it that reads "BARBIE IN THE OLD WEST" with black text beneath it that reads "2000 National Convention Recap." Next to Gomez's left leg is green text that reads "The Addams Family," with white text beneath that reads "Celebrate Halloween."



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