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Aunt Singe's ashes
Aunt Singe's ashes in the egg shaped urn.
Full Name: Singe
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (deceased)
Species: Human, witch
Parents Slice
Siblings Unknown
Spouse/Mate Unknown
Children Unknown
Portrayer None

Great-Great-Great-Aunt Singe is a deceased relative of The Addams Family.

Aunt Singe was burned to death in Salem. The family has kept her ashes in an egg-shaped urn.

More than 400 years later, when a neighbor named Mr. Thompson told Wednesday Addams that there were no such things as witches, the family decided to hold a seance to call on Aunt Singe. As it turns out, witches in the realm of spirits are busy during Halloween, so Grandmama decided to make Lurch pretend to be Aunt Singe, speaking through a pipe in the basement with a falsetto voice. At the seance, Morticia proclaimed this incantation;

"O, noble spirits in your lofty sphere, look down upon this small ensemble... O, Fire of Salem, O, flame of Satan, Come in Aunt Singe, we're all awaitin'. Come in Aunt Singe! Come in Aunt Singe! Please come in!"

Uncle Fester mistook Wednesday's pet horse for Aunt Singe. When told it was a horse, he asked "Are you sure?"[1]

Later, when Mr. Thompson says there's no Santa, Morticia reminds the children how he said there were no witches yet they conjured up Aunt Singe.[2]

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  • Being burned to death, her name, Singe, was a play on the word meaning a superficial burn. This is a recurring gag in the Addams family series, to have relatives with given names matching their characteristics.
  • The era she lived in is debatable, because the Salem witch trials were done in the late 16th century (specifically 1692-1693), while Slice, who was a great-great grandmother to Grandmama, lived through the French revolution (around 1789–1799), and seeing as how Gomez and Morticia called her 'great-great-great aunt', she would be, at least, below the generation of Grandmother Slice, for Grandmother Slice would be Gomez' great-great-great grandmother, and thus, if Singe was related to Grandmama, Singe would be her great-great aunt. However, it is possible that her death was done after or before the aforementioned trials, for there were sporadic witch hunts post-1750s. Another relative, Calpurnia Addams, who was also a witch, was burned at stake in 1706.