Aunt Drip
A portrait of Aunt Drip with the urn of Uncle Droop
Series The Addams Family (TV Series)
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Romances Uncle Droop
Son(s) Slimey Addams
Cousin Curdle
Donald Addams
Dexter Addams
Cousin Plato
Other Family Eustace Addams (grandson)
Cousin Imar (grandson)
Digit Addams (grandson)

Aunt Drip is a deceased relative of The Addams Family.

She was married to Uncle Droop. A portrait of her hangs in the living room, above Uncle Droop's urn.[1] Another portrait of her hangs behind two of her husband's paintings that hide the Addams family safe.[2]

She presumably lived during the 19th century (her portrait shows that she's dressed in an 1850s-1860s style), with her husband who may have been in the Civil War.

Mentioned In

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  1. Lurch Learns to Dance
  2. The Great Treasure Hunt