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"Prove to me you're still worthy to be called my son! Kill all those outcasts! Sneak into that dance and spike the punch bowl!"
-Ansel Gates to Garrett Gates

Ansel Gates was a normie who hated outcasts. He was the father of Garrett Gates and Laurel Gates and a descendant of Joseph Crackstone.

The night of Garrett's death, he and Garrett got into an argument in the car. He demands that Garrett prove himself worthy to be called his son by killing all the outcasts attending Nevermore Academy. His plan was to have Garrett take a vial of nightshade and spike the punch bowl with it, poisoning all the students.

He appears in the Netflix show Wednesday.


The Gates family was a prominent part of Jericho and they were comfortably rich. Ansel raised Laurel and Garrett with his wife.

Season One[]

Gomez mentions Ansel in "Chapter V: You Reap What You Woe" when talking to Wednesday. When Gomez was arrested, Wednesday went to Sheriff Galpin, who told her that Ansel "drank himself to an early grave".

After Wednesday was arrested, she got a vision of Garrett and Ansel arguing about killing the students of Nevermore Academy with poison.

Later, Noble Walker admits to Morticia and Wednesday that he knew what Ansel told Garrett, as Ansel had confessed it to him.

When Wednesday went to investigate the Gates mansion in "Chapter VI: Quid Pro Woe," she saw a painting of the Gates family.

In "Chapter VIII: A Murder of Woes," Ansel is indirectly mentioned by Marilyn Thornhill when she told Wednesday that her family followed Joseph Crackstone's teachings in eradicating outcasts.


He has gray hair and brown eyes.


He hated outcasts and spread that hatred to his children. After the death of his son and the suicide of his wife, Ansel fell into alcoholism and depression and ended up dying of grief.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


As a normie, Ansel displays no supernatural powers.


  • Toxicology: With the knowledge of the effects of nightshade poison, he directed his son to use it, knowing it would effectively kill those who were exposed to it.


  • Mortality: As Ansel was a normie, he was able to succumb to the effects of drinking too much alcohol.


Mrs. Gates[]

Mrs. Gates and Ansel were married.

Garrett Gates[]

Ansel Gates and Garrett have a rocky relationship. They are not seen interacting throughout the series, though it is presumed that they argue a lot. The one scene shown of them shows Ansel yelling at Garrett and demanding that Garrett prove himself worthy of being called Ansel's son.

Laurel Gates[]

Undeterred by her family's death, Laurel remained loyal to her family by trying to kill outcasts.

Noble Walker[]

Ansel used his money to pay off the sheriff at the time, Noble Walker. When Noble was campaigning to become mayor, he received financial support from Ansel.


"As my father always said, "If you want to outsmart an outcast, you got to out-think 'em"."
-Marilyn Thornhill to Wednesday Addams.


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Wednesday Series

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Wednesday Series


  • Ansel means follower of nobleman or with divine protection.
  • Gates means Dweller of the gate.


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