Af joslyn

Allyn Joslyn (21 July 1901 – 21 January 1981) was an American stage, radio, television and film actor. He is known for his roles playing aristocratic wealthy snobs.

About Allyn

Among his more notable film appearances were tough flier Les Peters in Only Angels Have Wings; George in The Great McGinty; the caustic director in No Time for Comedy; reporter Chic Clark in My Sister Eileen; Albert Van Cleve, Don Ameche's cousin and snobbish rival for the affections of Gene Tierney in Heaven Can Wait; an eccentric poet in The Shocking Miss Pilgrim; the wise sheriff in Moonrise; and the cardsharp disguised as a woman in Titanic (1953). In the sprightly B picture It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog, Joslyn was for once cast in the lead, even winning heroine Carole Landis at the fade-out.


Allyn played Sam Hilliard in the original TV show.

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