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"Gorgons are taught not to engage. I don’t want to accidentally stone someone."
-Ajax Petropolus[src]

Ajax Petropolus is a gorgon student at Nevermore Academy and a main character of the Netflix series Wednesday. He is also Enid Sinclair's boyfriend. Ajax is a member of the Nightshade Society and is on Xavier Thorpe's team, the "Amontillado," in the Poe Cup.

He appears in the Netflix show Wednesday.


In the series, Ajax serves as a love interest for Enid and is present in the scenes with the Nightshades.

In "Chapter I: Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe", Ajax comes up to Enid as she is showing Wednesday around telling her that he has dirt on her new roommate. After Enid stepped to the side to reveal Wednesday, the snake that slithered out of his beanie hid. Ajax commented on Wednesday's appearance, saying she was "black and white. Like a living Instagram filter." Enid lightly pushes him away, telling Wednesday to ignore him as "Gorgons spend way too much time getting stoned."[1]

In "Chapter II: Woe Is the Loneliest Number", during fencing class, after the first two points in Wednesday and Bianca's match, he is seen standing in the near background behind Rowan. When he hears Wednesday's military challenge, he looks between the two with a worried expression. As a member of the Nightshade Society, he is there when they kidnap and tie up Wednesday Addams after they find her sneaking around their lair.

In "Chapter III: Friend or Woe", he is tasked with doing volunteer work in Uriah's Heap with Enid, completely oblivious to Enid's flirting. After missing Enid's hints for a day, she tells him directly that she's been flirting and invites him to hang out with her behind the greenhouse. He accepts, and they continue working. Later that evening, after he showers, Ajax accidentally stones himself in a mirror and stands Enid up.[2]

In "Chapter IV: Woe What a Night", after going to the Rave'N with another girl, he finds Enid outside being bullied and scares the normies off. He then confesses that he was too embarrassed to tell her why he didn't make it to their date, and the two kiss.[3]

In "Chapter VIII: A Murder of Woes", he helps chain up Tyler Galpin when Wednesday exposes him as a hyde. Before Wednesday begins torturing Tyler, Ajax leaves with the rest of the Nightshades and goes to inform Larissa Weems of what is happening. Later on, Bianca apologizes to Wednesday on behalf of Ajax and the others for getting her expelled, saying that it wasn't her intention to do so.[4] Near the end episode, Ajax is the first to comfort Enid Sinclair after she 'wolfs out' for the first time and stumbles out of the woods. He then helps her walk back to the other students.


Ajax wears the standard Nevermore uniform, with a hoodie of the same color layered underneath his blazer. His shirt is untucked, his blazer is unbuttoned, and his beanie matches the colors of his uniform.

Outside of school, he wears a variety of colored beanies. He layers a jacket over t-shirts and wears long pants. Alternatively, Ajax can be seen wearing a jacket layered over a hoodie.

At the Rave'N, Ajax wears an outfit appropriate to the dance's theme. Ajax wears a light blue shirt layered under a white hoodie. He wears a cream blazer, and his hood sits over the blazer. The drawstrings, zips, and buttons are all accented with black. He wears a white beanie and cream-colored pants.


Ajax is introverted and shy. As gorgons are taught not to engage with others, he avoids them when he can. Despite this, he is close with Enid Sinclair and Xavier Thorpe and seems to be more comfortable around them.

After stoning himself in a mirror, he is too embarrassed to tell Enid why he stood her up afterwards, further displaying his lack of people skills. However, he seems to have come to terms with the risks of his power since Enid herself told him she wasn't afraid of being stoned by him. When he saw Lucas Walker as Enid’s date in an attempt to make him jealous, it caused him a slight sense of desperation, which he was unaware of until later, after the normie sabotaged the dance with his friends and they started taunting Enid at the Rave'N. He shouted at them to get away from her, expressing his compassion for her. Later on, he even shows support by helping his friends during crisis situations. This is shown when Wednesday needed the Nightshades to help capture and interrogate Tyler, and when Enid went with Thing to save her, he stayed behind to get all the students out of the academy before Crackstone was resurrected. When the battle was over, he and others stood by the woods to spot Enid, injured after defeating Tyler in her first "wolfing out." They embraced, and he held her close as he comforted her through the crowd, with no hesitation in keeping his head up towards their looks, expressing newfound chivalry and protection over his girlfriend despite being taught otherwise.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


  • Gorgon Physiology: As a gorgon, Ajax has snakes for hair and hides them under a beanie for safety, so he does not use his power accidentally.
  • Petrification ("stoning"): Ajax can temporarily turn people to stone by having his snakes look at them.



  • Reflections/Mirrors: Ajax is unable to control who he stones, and he ends up stoning himself by looking at his own reflection in a mirror.


Enid Sinclair[]

"You think squirrels and rats could ever work out? I mean, they’re two totally different species.
Oh yeah, I mean totally. Why not? They both have more in common than you think. Most people are scared of them, so it would just be us… them… against the world.
Wow. That was… deep.
-Ajax and Enid[[Chapter IV: Woe What a Night|[src]]]

Enid Sinclair and Ajax Petropolus (2022) 001

Ajax starts off as a friend of Enid and ends up romantically involved with her. Their first interaction in the series is during Wednesday's tour of Nevermore, where he tells Enid the rumors surrounding her new roommate. At the start of the Poe Cup in "Chapter II: Woe Is the Loneliest Number," Enid smiles and glances her eyes to stare at Ajax before he turns to see her across their boats, which made him smile and chuckle in blush for her after she waves at him. On Outreach Day (Friend or Woe), she swaps assignments with Wednesday so that she can work at Uriah's Heap with Ajax. She spends the day flirting with him and trying to get close to him. When she realizes that it isn't working, she confronts him and tells him directly that she's been trying to flirt all day. Ajax picks up on the hints then, and when Enid asks him to hang out with her behind the greenhouse later that night, Ajax unfortunately stones himself in the mirror after showering and stands Enid up. At the Rave'N, Enid attends with Lucas Walker in an attempt to make Ajax jealous. When the two see each other and speak, Enid is nervous and jumpy, whereas after seeing her, Ajax is visibly disheartened. Ajax is with another girl but is still friendly toward Enid and dances nearby. When Enid is outside confronting Lucas and getting picked on by his friends, Ajax is the one to come out and defend her. Just after this, they share their first kiss.

At the funeral of Mayor Walker, Ajax holds Enid, despairing over the event, and they walk off with each other under the rain with an umbrella.

They are seen together throughout the rest of the series. In the finale, Eugene Ottinger calls Enid because he is worried about Wednesday Addams and interrupts a moment between her and Ajax. Later that night, Thing informs them that Wednesday was kidnapped by Thornhill and Tyler and tells them to gather the nightshades. Enid did not know about him being part of the nightshade, as it was one of the rules of keeping it a secret. Ajax is the first to comfort her as she walks out of the woods. They both briefly lost their tempers at one another before Ajax comes close, for she was still stiff from the fight against Tyler and is no longer upset about earlier as he helps walk her back towards the larger group before she pushes him away to go hug Wednesday. Then, when the students leave school for the semester, she meets up with Ajax, who had his arm hanging over her shoulder as she approached, and at one point off-screen, they move outside of the school to share a kiss under the columns before saying goodbye to each other.

Xavier Thorpe[]

Ajax Petropolus and Xavier Thorpe (2022) 002

Ajax and Xavier Thorpe have a close relationship and are friendly towards each other. They are both Nightshades and are seen in many scenes together. Xavier is one of the characters with whom Ajax interacts the most, and he has a remarkable bond with his friend, possibly in a brotherly way.

On Outreach Day, Ajax affectionately refers to Xavier as "my boy" when talking about him to Enid Sinclair, while at the same time commenting that Xavier has a hidden side that few realize and that he has a complicated relationship with his father, something that Xavier has not even revealed to Wednesday Addams.[5]

During the Parent's Weekend, Xavier's father doesn't show up, so at first he is seen alone. Later in the episode, he can be seen smiling at a table with Ajax and his mothers. This implies that he is close to Ajax's family or that Ajax is fond enough of Xavier to introduce him to his family. [6]

Bianca Barclay[]

They are both members of the Nightshades, but they don’t interact with each other often. They both stand by one another to duck and cover from the resurrected Crackstone’s fire attack.

Yoko Tanaka[]

Enid, Ajax, and Yoko (2022) 001

They are both members of the Nightshades Society, and he comments that she makes a killer version of the cocktail beverage known as a mojito.


They are both members of the Nightshades, but they don’t interact with each other often.


Kent and Ajax Petropolus (2022) 001

They are both members of the Nightshades Society and are seen dancing next to each other at the Rave'N.


"Yo Enid ! You're not gonna believe the dirt I heard about your new roommate. She eats human flesh, totally chowed down on that kid she murdered. You better watch your back."
-Ajax to Enid Sinclair[src]

"I didn’t even want to go with him. I wanted to go with you.
So then why didn’t you asked me?
Cause you blew me off the other night and you never told me why.
I was too embarrassed to tell you, but I… accidentally looked in the mirror and kind of stoned myself with my snakes.
-Ajax and Enid[[Chapter IV: Woe What a Night|[src]]]


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  • Ajax means eagle.
  • Petropolus means city of Peter, or city of stone, as "petro-" derives from the Greek word "πέτρα" which means stone.


  • In the original script, Ajax is 16 years old. [7]

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