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Addams Family Values is a 1993 film featuring the Addams Family. Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, it is a sequel to the 1991 film The Addams Family.


Morticia Addams calmly gives birth to a baby boy, Pubert. When Wednesday and Pugsley play their ooky games with him, he narrowly avoids death every time. Gomez and Morticia try to hire a nanny, but the children frighten all the prospects away. The last applicant, Debbie Jellinsky, seems to be made of sterner stuff. Unbeknownst to the Addams, she is also the serial killer known as "The Black Widow." America's Most Disgusting Unsolved Crimes reveals that Debbie has been traveling in disguise for quite some time, marrying rich men and killing them for their fortunes. Now she has set her sights on Uncle Fester and the vast Addams fortune. When Wednesday becomes suspicious of Debbie's interest in Uncle Fester's money, Debbie tells Gomez and Morticia that Wednesday and Pugsley want to go to Camp Chippewa. The parents are horrified at the thought but agree to send them.

With the kids out of the way, Debbie marries Uncle Fester, then promptly tries to kill him on their Hawaiian honeymoon by electrocuting him in the bathtub. However, our electrified Uncle Fester survives and mistakes her murderous actions for ordinary affection. Debbie denies him sex until he promises never to see his family again. In anguish, he agrees. The couple moves into a garish mansion in the suburbs.

With Uncle Fester gone, Gomez goes into depression, and Pubert becomes "possessed," turning blonde, rosy, and cheerful. Meanwhile, at Camp Chippewa, Wednesday and Pugsley do not fit in with the rest of the wealthy, snobby campers. During lifesaving training, Wednesday intentionally let her partner, Amanda Buckman, almost drown in the lake. At night, during the telling of ghost stories, Wednesday tells of a ghost undoing all of the campers' nose jobs overnight, which causes her fellow campers to scream in terror while she looks on, smirking with satisfaction. The Addams children try to escape at night when they receive word of Uncle Fester's marriage to Debbie, but are caught. Amanda and the rest of the campers suggest that the Addams kids be punished, but the camp counselors, Gary and Becky, would prefer to inspire them by singing "Kumbaya," which makes Wednesday and Pugsley cringe. Meanwhile, Wednesday encounters a soulmate of sorts in Joel Glicker, an introverted boy plagued by allergies. He confirms her suspicions that Debbie is the "Black Widow" and Fester is her next target.

At the end of the summer, the campers stage a play, A Turkey Named Brotherhood, about the first Thanksgiving. The "good" kids are cast as the pilgrims, while the social outcasts are the Chippewa natives, with Wednesday as Pocahontas. When Wednesday, Pugsley, and Joel refuse to participate in the play, all three are locked in the Harmony Hut and forced to watch movies and TV shows ranging from Bambi to Lassie Come Home, The Little Mermaid, The Sound of Music, The Brady Bunch, and Annie. When the three come out, they pretend that they have changed from gloomy to cheerful; Wednesday even goes so far as to smile. During the play, however, Wednesday breaks out of character and makes a speech about how the American colonists will exploit the Native Americans in the future by forcing them into mobile homes on reservations, selling jewelry by the roadsides, and suffering from pain and degradation while they wear cardigans, drink highballs, play golf, eat hot hors d'oeuvres, and have stick shifts. Then she leads the other outcasts in revolt, destroying the set and tying Amanda up to be burned at the stake. Wednesday and Joel flee to the Chippewa fence as Pugsley steals a camp van. After hopping the fence, Wednesday asks Joel to come with them. He declines, saying he needs to go back to the others and "to watch the place burn." Realizing they may never see each other, the two young lovers exchange relatively emotional goodbyes and share a kiss through the chain-link fence. Afterward, the Addams siblings flee for home.

Meanwhile, Debbie has come up with a new plan to kill Uncle Fester. For their "three-week anniversary," she wraps up a time bomb in a gift box and tells Uncle Fester not to open it until she comes back with some champagne. However, the bomb only succeeds in blowing up the house. When a frustrated Debbie snarls, "I want you dead, and I want your money!" Uncle Fester realizes the truth and flees with Thing's help to the Addams mansion, with Debbie in hot pursuit.

An ailing Gomez tells Uncle Fester that he is "Mr. Debbie!" but Fester declares, "I AM AN ADDAMS!" Gomez is instantly cured after hearing this, and the baby reverts back to his dark, gloomy self. Pugsley and Wednesday return as well, but just then an angry Debbie bursts into the room to kill all the Addamses and take the money. She straps everyone except Pubert to electric chairs and uses slides to tell how she came to be. She killed her parents on her tenth birthday because they did not buy her the ballerina Barbie doll she wanted. She killed her first husband, a heart surgeon, with an axe (reminding Granny Frump of old times) because he was too busy to dine with her (because the Pope had a cold) and ran over her second husband, a senator, with her car because he would not buy her a new Mercedes-Benz (as they had "to set an example"). Uncle Fester begs Debbie to kill just him and let his family go, but she rejects his offer. Pubert short-circuits the wiring just as she throws the switch, saving the family and causing Debbie to electrocute herself.

Sometime later, Gomez and Morticia throw a birthday party for Pubert. Joel, dressed like Gomez, sneaks off to the graveyard with Wednesday, where they talk briefly about Debbie. Remarking that Debbie's methods were "sloppy," Wednesday says that if she wanted to kill a man and not be caught, she would scare him to death. As Joel lays flowers on Debbie's grave, an unidentified hand breaks the surface and grabs his arm. Wednesday looks on, smiling, satisfied with Joel's screams.

Cast and Characters[]

Other Characters[]





  • Marcus Canty - Assistant Accountant (uncredited)
  • AnaMarie C. Gonzaga (credited as Anamarie C. Gonzaga) - Assistant Production Accountant
  • Susan Towner - Production Accountant

Animation Department[]

  • Kathy St. Germain - Cel Painter

Art Department[]

  • Kacy Magedman - Art Department Coordinator (uncredited)
  • John Leimanis - Assistant Art Director
  • Lauren Cory - Assistant Art Director
  • Charles William Breen (credited as Charles Breen) - Assistant art director
  • Joy Taylor - Assistant Property Master
  • Mychael Bates - Assistant Property Master
  • Otniel Gonzalez - Assistant Property Master
  • Caroline Perzan - Assistant Set Decorator
  • Johnny Knight - Carpenter
  • John Ballowe - Carpenter (uncredited)
  • Jim Ondrejko (credited as James J. Ondrejko) - Construction Coordinator
  • Joe Ondrejko (credited as Joseph M. Ondrejko) - Construction General Supervisor
  • Bob Skemp - Greensman
  • Craig B. Ayers Sr. - Greensman
  • Frank Musitelle - Greensman
  • Michael D. Combs - Greensperson
  • Justin Walker - Labor Foreman
  • Daril Alder - Lead Person
  • D.A. Zingelewicz - Location Foreman (uncredited)
  • Jeffery J. Jenkins - Paint Foreman
  • Tom Hrupcho - Paint Gangboss (uncredited)
  • Emily Ferry - Property Master
  • Fred Apolito - Propmaker
  • John Giuliano - Propmaker
  • Steven Hintz - Propmaker (uncredited)
  • William H. Phen Jr. - Propmaker Foreman (uncredited)
  • Jann K. Engel - Set Designer (uncredited)
  • Tamara Clinard - Set Dresser
  • Anthony Klaiman - Set Dresser (uncredited)
  • David Napoli - Set Dresser (uncredited)
  • Joseph Musso - Storyboard Artist
  • Daren Dochterman - Storyboard Artist (uncredited)
  • J. Todd Anderson - Storyboard Artist (uncredited)

Art Direction by[]

  • William J. Durrell Jr.


  • Daniella Milton - Assistant: Ms. Huston
  • Maggie Davis - Assistant: Mr. Sonnenfeld
  • Mike Thompson - Assistant: Mr. Rudin

Camera and Electrical Department[]

  • Adam Alphin - Assistant Camera
  • Francis X. Valdez III - Assistant Chief Lighting Technician
  • Michael W. Blymyer - Assistant Chief Lighting Technician
  • Vic Keatley (credited as Victor Keatley) - Assistant Chief Lighting Technician
  • Michael Shanman - Best Boy Rigging Electric / Lighting Board Operator (both uncredited)
  • David E. Diano - Camera Operator
  • Hugo Cortina (credited as Hugo P. Cortina) - Chief Lighting Technician
  • Mike Amorelli (credited as Michael J. Amorelli) - Chief Rigging Electrician
  • Keith Peterman - Director of Photography: Second Unit
  • Donald L. Hartley - Dolly Grip
  • Lowell Crisp - Electrician
  • Jay Peterman - First Assistant Photographer
  • Calvin Sterry - First Company Grip
  • Pattie Stone - Light Board Operator
  • James E. Krattiger - Lighting Technician
  • Jenna Abrahamson-Minardi - Lighting Technician
  • Pascal M. Guillemard - Rigging Electrician
  • Renee Kayon - Rigging Electrician (uncredited)
  • Billy Blackman - Rigging Grip
  • Brad Peterman - Second Assistant Photographer
  • Michael Anderson (credited as Mike Anderson) - Second Company Grip
  • Waverly Smothers (credited as Waverly R. Smothers) - Second Company Grip
  • Mark Mele - Stage Rigging Gaffer (uncredited)
  • Randy Nolen - Steadicam Operator (uncredited)
  • Melinda Sue Gordon - Still Photographer

Casting by[]

  • David Rubin

Casting Department[]

  • Amy Taksen - Casting Assistant
  • Debra Zane - Casting Associate
  • Charlie Messenger - Extras Casting
  • Kenneth Chamitoff - Extras Casting
  • Michele Bancroft - Location Casting Associate (uncredited)
  • Marshall Peck - Location Extra Casting
  • Barbara Harris - Voice Casting


  • Victoria Hall (credited as Victoria L. Hall) - Assistant Choreographer
  • Adam Shankman - Choreographer: Camp Chippewa
  • Peter Anastos - Tango Choreographer

Cinematography by[]

  • Donald Peterman - Director of Photography

Computer Supporters[]

  • Bruce Wright
  • Heather Nicksay
  • Frank Dutro (credited as Frank Dutro Jr.)

Costume and Wardrobe Department[]

  • Alina Panova - Associate Costume Designer
  • Wallace G. Lane Jr. - Associate Costume Designer
  • Linda Matthews - Costume Supervisor
  • Kelly Porter (credited as Kelly E. Porter)| Costumer / Set Costumer
  • Mitchell Ray Kenney - Costumer / Set Costumer
  • Bob Moore Jr. - Costumer
  • Donna Beltran - Costumer (uncredited)
  • Nava R. Sadan (credited as Nava Riva Sadan) - Costumer
  • Susan J. Wright - Costumer
  • Sue Crosby - Set Costumer

Costume Design by[]

  • Theoni V. Aldredge

Craft Service[]

  • Charles Monaco - Assistant Craft Service

Directed by[]


  • Paoli Vivio - Italian Voice Dubbing

Editing by[]

  • Arthur Schmidt
  • Jim Miller

Editorial Department[]

  • Leigh Davis - Apprentice Film Editor
  • Tara Duncan - Apprentice Film Editor
  • Jeremiah O'Driscoll - Assistant Film Editor
  • Mark Herman - Assistant Film Editor
  • Bob Putynkowski - Color Timer
  • Carin-Anne Strohmaier - First Assistant Film Editor
  • Karen Rasch - First Assistant Film Editor
  • Theresa Repola Mohammed - Negative Cutter

Location Management[]

  • Karen White - Location Manager
  • Beth Tate - Location Scout (uncredited)

Makeup Department[]

  • Kim Santantonio - Hair Stylist
  • Susan Schuler-Page - Hair Stylist
  • Toni-Ann Walker - Hair Stylist: Anjelica Huston
  • Fred C. Blau Jr. - Makeup Artist
  • Katherine James (credited as Kathrine James) - Makeup Artist
  • Elvia Mante - Makeup Artist
  • Cheri Minns - Makeup Artist
  • Gerald Quist - Makeup Artist
  • Dean Gates - Makeup Artist (uncredited)
  • Fern Buchner - Makeup Artist: Anjelica Huston
  • Tony Gardner - Makeup Effects Designer
  • Kevin Haney (credited as Kevin C. Haney) - Makeup Supervisor
  • Steve LaPorte - Special Makeup Effects Artist
  • Susan Germaine - Supervising Hair Stylist
  • Bill Fletcher - Wig Maker

Market Researcher[]

  • Jesse Merz (uncredited)

Music by[]

  • Marc Shaiman

Music Department[]

  • Alexander Janko - Auricle Programmer
  • Bruce Dukov - Concert Master
  • Artie Kane - Conductor
  • Nancy Fogarty - Music Editor
  • Scott Stambler - Music Editor
  • Bob Bornstein - Music Preparation
  • Nick Vidar - Music Programmer (uncredited)
  • Tim Boyle - Music Scoring Mixer / Scoring Mixer
  • Ralph Sall - Music Supervisor
  • Maria Newman - Musician
  • Tony Terran - Musician
  • Norman Ludwin - Musician: Bass
  • Sebastian Toettcher - Musician: Cello (uncredited)
  • Louise Di Tullio - Musician: Flute
  • James Thatcher - Musician: French Horn
  • Tom Boyd - Musician: Oboe Soloist
  • Wade Culbreath - Musician: Percussion
  • Bryan Pezzone - Musician: Piano
  • Malcolm McNab - Musician: Trumpet (uncredited)
  • Sandy DeCrescent (credited as Sandy De Crescent) - Orchestra Contractor
  • Jeff Atmajian - Orchestrator
  • Brad Dechter - Orchestrator
  • Hummie Mann - Orchestrator
  • Michael Starobin - Orchestrator
  • Paul Wertheimer - Score Recordist

Produced by[]

  • Susan Ringo - Associate Producer
  • David Nicksay - Executive
  • Scott Rudin - Producer

Production Assistants[]

  • Alonzo Greer
  • Cee Lizarraga
  • David Ascher
  • John J. Smith Jr.
  • Kevin Braker
  • Robert Newhart
  • Scott Chorna

Production Coordinator[]

  • Barbara Rosing Hoke - Additional Production Coordinator (uncredited)

Production Design by[]

  • Ken Adam

Production Management[]

  • Michael Tadross - Executive in Charge of Production
  • D. Scott Easton - Unit Production Manager

Production Office Coordinator[]

  • Daren Hicks - Assistant Production Office Coordinator
  • Kathy Breen - Assistant Production Office Coordinator
  • Paula Benson-Himes - Production Office Coordinator


  • Kathy Orloff


  • Vance Hartwell

Script and Continuity Department[]

  • Judi Townsend - Script Supervisor

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director[]

  • Michael Scott Bryant - DGA Trainee
  • Burtt Harris - First Assistant Director
  • Mark McGann - First Assistant Director
  • Ian Woolf - Second Assistant Director
  • Rebecca Strickland Weathersby (credited as Rebecca Strickland) - Second-Second Assistant Director

Set Decoration by[]

  • Marvin March

Sound Department[]

  • Bob Baron - Supervising Sound Editor
  • Jesse Dodd - ADR Recordist (uncredited)
  • Anne Couk - Assistant Sound Editor
  • Jonathan Phillips - Assistant Sound Editor
  • Thomas W. Small (credited as Thomas Small) - Assistant Sound Editor
  • Robert W. Hedland - Assistant Sound Editor (uncredited)
  • David Wolowic - Assistant Sound Editor (uncredited)
  • James M. McCann - Boom Operator
  • Kay Colvin - Cableperson
  • Gloria D'Alessandro - Dialogue Editor (uncredited)
  • Ken Dufva - Foley Artist
  • Robin Harlan - Foley Artist
  • Sarah Monat (credited as Sarah Jacobs) - Foley Artist
  • Randy Singer - Foley Mixer
  • Greg Curda - Foley Mixer (uncredited)
  • Robert J. Litt - Re-Recording Mixer
  • Frank A. Montaño (credited as Frank A. Montano) - Re-Recording Mixer
  • Greg P. Russell - Re-Recording Mixer
  • Marcy Stoeven - Sound Assistant (uncredited)
  • Noah Blough - Sound Effects Editor
  • Frank Howard - Sound Effects Editor
  • Suhail Kafity - Sound Effects Editor
  • Steve Mann - Sound Effects Editor
  • Martin Maryska - Sound Effects Editor
  • Peter F. Kurland - Sound Mixer (as Peter Kurland)
  • David Behle - Sound Recordist (uncredited)
  • Cecelia Hall - Sound Supervisor
  • Douglas Greenfield (credited as Doug Greenfield) - Stereo Sound Consultant: Dolby
  • Juno J. Ellis - Supervising ADR Editor
  • Pamela Bentkowski - Supervising Foley Editor
  • Joseph A. Ippolito (credited as Joseph Ippolito) - Supervising Sound Editor
  • Beth Sterner (credited as Elizabeth Sterner) - Supervising Sound Editor

Special Effects by[]

  • Carol Koch - Cosmetic Finish (uncredited)
  • Bill Sturgeon - Creature Foreman (uncredited)
  • Mike Elizalde - Mechanical Designer
  • Barry Crane - Puppets and Prosthetics Ceator: "Thing" and "Pubert", David B. Miller Studio
  • Michael Levitre (credited as Michael LeVitre) - Puppets and Prosthetics Ceator: "Thing" and "Pubert", David B. Miller Studio
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  • Gary L. Karas - Special Effects
  • Jeff Pepiot - Special Effects
  • Robert Cole - Special Effects (uncredited)
  • Becky Ochoa - Special Effects (uncredited)
  • Ken Pepiot (credited as Kenneth D. Pepiot) - Special Effects Coordinator
  • Gintar Repecka - Special Effects Foreperson
  • Albert Delgado - Special Effects Supervisor
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  • James Belohovek - Special Prosthetics, Mechanical Devices and House Miniatures: Alterion Studios, Inc.
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  • Brian Penikas - Special Prosthetics, Mechanical Devices and House Miniatures: Alterion Studios, Inc.


  • June Jordan (uncredited)
  • Stan Rodarte (uncredited)

Studio Teacher[]

  • Pat Jackson (credited as Patrick Johnson)
  • Rhona Gordon
  • Sandra McNeil


  • Pat Romano - Assistant Stunt Coordinator (uncredited)
  • Gary Hymes - Stunt Coordinator
  • Steve Madaras - Stunt Double (uncredited)
  • Joni Avery - Stunt Performer
  • Mickey Cassidy - Stunt Performer / Stunts
  • Kane Hodder - Stunts
  • Alex Gaona - Stunts (uncredited)
  • Keii Johnston - Stunts (uncredited)
  • Bobby Porter - Stunts (uncredited)
  • Myke Schwartz - Stunts (uncredited)
  • Patricia Tallman - Stunts (uncredited)
  • Richie Gaona - Utility Stunts
  • Larry Nicholas - Utility Stunts (uncredited)

Title Designers[]

  • Allen Ferro
  • Pablo Ferro

Transportation Department[]

  • Mike Phillips - Driver
  • Timothy P. Ryan - Transportation
  • Candace wells - Transportation Captain
  • Randy Peters - Transportation Coordinator

Video Playback Engineer[]

  • John Coldiron

Visual Effects by[]

  • Jacqueline Zietlow - Administrator: VCE
  • Craig Clark - Animator: VCE
  • Ingin Kim - Animator: VCE
  • Pam Vick - Animator: VCE
  • Lowell Crisp - Assistant Chief Lighting Technician: Visual Effects Unit
  • Brian Jochum - Associate Supervisor: Visual Effects Unit
  • Brian Prosser - Character Sculptor (uncredited)
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  • Robert Stromberg - Matte Artist: Illusion Arts
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  • Robin Griffin - Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Alan Munro - Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Kevin O'Neill - Visual Effects Supervisor: VCE
  • Valerie T. O'Brien - Wardrobe: Visual Effects Unit

Writing Credits[]

  • Charles Addams - Based on characters created by
  • Paul Rudnick - Written by


"Morticia Addams: Wednesday's at that very special age when a girl has only one thing on her mind.
Ellen Buckman: Boys?
Morticia Addams: Homicide."
-Morticia Addams and Ellen Buckman

"Morticia Addams: You have gone too far. You have married Fester, you have destroyed his spirit, you have taken him from us. All that I could forgive. But, Debbie...
Debbie Jellinsky: What?
Morticia Addams: Pastels?"
-Morticia and Debbie


  • Gomez and Morticia are straight with their children about where babies come from, proving that they value honesty and sex education alike.
  • Morticia side-eyes Fester when he remarks that he took a bath.
  • This film won three awards.
  • Addams Family Values was nominated for sixteen awards, with one being an Oscar.

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