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Addams Family Reunion is a 1998 direct-to-video film starring The Addams Family.


Gomez Addams procures a copy of The Complete and Unabridged Book of Addams, which lists every known Addams ever, and pays the publisher to organize a family reunion, but they lump them in with the Adams family by mistake. Meanwhile, his grandparents, Mortimer and Delilah, come to visit. They have contracted Waltzheimer's disease which causes them to become normal as they age. He takes them to the reunion in hopes of finding a long-lost relative who is a doctor that can cure them.

When they arrive at The Primrose Resort, Pugsley is immediately smitten with Gina Adams. Gomez does find a doctor, but Phillip Adams is a psychologist and he worries that Gomez is there to steal the Adams family fortune.



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