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The Addams Family Generator is an arcade/amusement game released by Nova Productions and Eurocom in 1999.


Playing on Uncle Fester's penchant for lighting a bulb with only his mouth and the electricity that flows through him, this game doesn't actually electrocute you; it simply uses fast vibrations to simulate a shocking feeling.


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Once you start the game, you select one of the three power levels (low, medium, or high) and then hold on to the bars. The 'generator' will power up, and eventually the game will 'shock' you. You have to hold on to those electrodes until the end. You lose if you let go. The red and blue lights and an LCD (liquid crystal display) screen show how far through the game you are, and every five seconds or so, you will receive another 'shock'. There is no prize, just a receipt showing how many 'volts' have been passed through you.

One person can play by gripping both handles. Two people can play by holding hands.

Power Levels[]

Each power level has a different top voltage score.

  • Low power: 1,000
  • Medium power: 2,000
  • High power: 3,000 (the maximum score)


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