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"Hilliard, old bean, you just sort of dropped out of sight."
-Gomez Addams to Sam Hilliard

Addams Cum Laude is the twenty-fifth episode of the second season of the original series of The Addams Family, and the fifty-ninth overall episode of the series. It first aired 4 March 1966 on ABC.


Expelled from their school, Pugsley and Wednesday are enrolled into Sam Hilliard's new school.

Plot Summary[]

The school principal threatens to expel the children for playing with dynamite caps. Morticia hears that Sam Hilliard, a former truant officer, is now running a private school, Mockridge Hall. She wants to enroll the children. Mockridge Hall is strapped for cash, and Mr. Hilliard can't turn down Gomez's offer of $10,000 in tuition. Pugsley brings Aristotle to school with him, but when the octopus gave the teacher a hug, she was so flustered that she rang the fire alarm. Wednesday's teacher was so "excited" to see her pet gila monster that she fainted. Hilliard expels them. Gomez thinks he's cracked under the pressure of the money problems, so he buys the school to run it properly. Instead of math and English, there'll be courses in Advanced Headshrinking and Freshman Dynamite. He renames it Addams Hall, and Mr. Hilliard resigns immediately, so Morticia persuades Gomez to take over. The parents of the other pupils insist that Mr. Hilliard return, or they'll take their children out. Morticia is touched by what she perceives as their loyalty to Mr. Hilliard, though they're actually horrified by the new curriculum. Gomez brings him back with a promise not to interfere. Wednesday and Pugsley decide they prefer their old school and return there.

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"Our pleasure, old man, and a shrewd move on your part, too."
-Gomez Addams to Sam Hilliard


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