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Abigail Craven, or "Dr. Greta Pinder-Schloss," is a con artist and loan shark.


She discovered Uncle Fester, suffering from amnesia, in the Bermuda Triangle. She renamed him Gordon and took him in as her son. When the Addams' lawyer, Tully Alford, was tortured by Gordon for the money he owed Abigail, he recognized that Gordon bore a strong resemblance to Uncle Fester and devised a plot in which Gordon would infiltrate the family in order to steal the Addams fortune.

While searching for Gordon after he goes to the kids' recital, she is captured, entangled, and bound by the living plants near the greenhouse. She is discovered in the morning by Lurch, completely cocooned in the vines, in which she calls Lurch "Bigfoot" and tells him, "Don't stare, just get me out."

When Uncle Fester unleashes a hurricane in the Addams mansion's library, she and Tully are thrown out a window, landing in two open caskets in the Addams cemetery, which Wednesday and Pugsley then presumably bury with the villains still alive inside. Pugsley asks, "Are they dead?" to which Wednesday replies, "Does it matter?".


Abigail is old, with brown hair and blue eyes.


She is a sophisticated and corrupt woman who pretends to be a doctor who has been working with Fester for years, claiming she did several tests with his fascinating mind. She also tricked the Addamses by telling Gomez and Morticia that Fester's unusual behavior is due to displacement, a theory that Fester has double feelings for the Addamses, hatred and love, and that they shouldn't interfere. When Tully formed a partnership with Judge Womack, they seized the Addams house and prohibited them from entering. Then Abigail could use Fester to reach the vault. She tricked Fester into thinking he was Gordon by making him trust her and obey all her orders.

Unlike Tully, Abigail does not get queasy about torture and ordered Tully to seize Morticia in a torture wheel with strings stretching her arms, and when Gomez saved her, she pulled a gun and ordered them to collect all the treasure for them in the vault, or she would finish Morticia. Abigail is stern and rude with Gordon, turning him against her.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


Abigail possesses no supernatural powers.


  • Manipulation: As a con-artist, Abigail is able to manipulate others.
  • Charisma: As a con-artist, Abigail has to be charismatic in order to manipulate.


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Fester Addams[]

Abigail adopted Fester as her son, renamed him "Gordon," and used him as her muscle to intimidate those who owed her money.

At Tully's suggestion, Abigail had Fester infiltrate the Addams household to steal their fortune for herself. Abigail treated Fester poorly. However, Fester finally came to resent her for the terrible "mother" she was, unleashing the magical hurricane upon her as revenge.

Tully Alford[]

Tully owed tons of money to Abigail Craven and lacked the funds to pay for it, leading Abigail to have Gordon torture him. After Tully revealed a plan to scam the Addams, Abigail reluctantly took Tully in as a minion. Due to Abigail's stronger personality, she often pushed around the more weak willed Tully.


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  • In the SNES and Genesis games, Abigail is described as the second boss in the manual and back of the box. However, though the second boss is controlling an amnesiac Fester Addams, she looks nothing like Abigail, instead being a skinny old woman with black clothes, a witch's hat, messy long white hair, a long chin, and a long nose. Combined with her ability to fly on a broomstick, the boss resembles an archetypal witch.

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