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A Thing Is Born - Choke and Dagger - Fester's Diary
Series The Addams Family (animated 1992)
Season 1
Original Airdate October 17, 1992
Story by

A Thing Is Born: David Schwartz, Bill Matheny & Lane Raichert
Choke and Dagger: David Schwartz and Bill Matheny
Fester's Diary: Bill Matheny

Teleplay by A Thing Is Born & Choke and Dagger: David Schwartz
Story Editors

A Thing Is Born: Bill Matheny & Lane Raichert
Choke and Dagger & Fester's Diary: Bill Matheny


A Thing Is Born: When Gomez and Morticia leave for their 32nd honeymoon, Thing is bored and wants to travel the world. He doesn't play with the children or help around the house. Granny predicts fame and fortune, and accompanies Thing to Hollywood where his talents do bring him fame. Granny misses family and leaves for home. A hand model named Harry Palmer is jealous that Thing has stolen his fans and tries to capture him. Thing manages to capture Harry Palmer, tells the reporters that he won't do any more films, and returns home.

Choke And Dagger: Wednesday and Pugsley plan to go with Secret Agent Double-O Itt on his latest mission. However, The Spy Twins make various attempts to capture Cousin Itt. Wednesday, Pugsley and Thing thwarting their plans and Itt captures them in the end.

Fester's Diary: Uncle Fester writes in his diary about his day. He got up on the wrong side of the bed of nails, bathed as usual in the sewer, ate an ooky breakfast, fed his pet vultures, played with Pugsley's pet dinosaur, spent some time with dead relatives, etc., all in all a good day.

Uncle Canker is mentioned.


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