A Girl and a Ghoul - A Little Bit of Pugsley - Ask Granny
Series The Addams Family (animated 1992)
Season 2
Original Airdate 6 November 1993
Written by

A Girl and a Ghoul: Bill Matheny & Ron Myrick

A Little Bit of Pugsley & Ask Granny: Bill Matheny

Teleplay by A Girl and a Ghoul: Bill Matheny
Story Editors Bill Matheny


A Girl and a Ghoul: Wednesday is thrilled when she wins a competition to have horror-themed TV host Graveyard Gary visit her home. Her father is supportive, but worries that Wednesday is more inspired by Gary than by him. When she learns that Graveyard Gary is just a normal actor in costume, she is glad that her father is now the only man in her life.

A Little Bit of Pugsley: Pugsley is the only one of the family who hasn't created his own family dance, and Thing decides to help him. He stuffs Pugsley into one of his boxes, which shrinks him to Thing's size. A tour of the house from Thing's perspective inspires Pugsley to create a family dance.

Family Dances

  • The Rattlesnake Toxin Tumble
  • The Great Soda Aftermath
  • The Hanky Gnaw
  • The Salami Slappin' Jiggle

Ask Granny: Granny Frump hosts her own advice show. One viewer asks advice about their barking dog, so Granny recommends getting a 300-pound rat for a pet instead. For a professional wrestler, she recommends her own move of attempting a kiss, which makes him flee. Then she recommends herself for a lovelorn viewer, but when he runs away, she turns her attention to the cameraman.


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